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is a place to find the highest quality, most ethical, and most delicious chocolate in the world. We source bean-to-bar craft chocolate from a collection of talented and passionate makers, all of whom use specialty cocoa that offers an incredible range of flavours. The beans are lightly processed in order to let their natural flavours shine, and to produce the finest chocolate possible. This is chocolate to take your time with – let it melt in your mouth and enjoy the flavour journey. Once you discover craft chocolate, there’s no turning back!

Most supermarket chocolate

  • Farmers are poorly paid
  • Has a blunt and dull taste
  • Is made of low quality bulk cacao
  • Has a long list of (artificial) ingredients
  • Is made in large, automated and standardised factories
  • Comes from an intransparent chain

Bean-to-bar craft chocolate

  • Farmers are paid well and earn a decent living
  • Has next level smell and taste
  • Is made of (rare) fine flavor specialty cacao
  • Is made of minimal and natural ingredients
  • Is (hand)made by artisans in small-scale operations
  • Comes from a transparent chain
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