Brand of the month August: Zotter (Austria)

Zotter chocolates rely on quality, variety, creativity, sustainability and are 100% organic and fair trade.

At the Riegersburg-based Austrian chocolate factory, Zotter produces their own chocolates, bean-to-bar. It’s all made in-house, from the fragrant cocoa bean to the finished chocolate bar. They roast, grind, mill and conch in small batches, all individually fine-tuned to each cocoa variety. The Riegersburg location employs 185 people who produce fresh chocolate every day and also take care of all the other things our factory requires.

Fine flavor cocoa from the best cocoa growing regions in the world
Zotter mainly buy their cocoa in Latin America, the cradle of cocoa. They get their fine flavour cocoa from various different countries like Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Togo and Congo. Each chocolate contains a piece of history – from Belize’s Maya cocoa to cocoa from Panama and Peru, cultivated by indigenous tribes in the middle of the rain forest, who use it to safeguard their traditional way of life, to cocoa from Nicaragua, transported by sailboat: for the first time in 20 years, a sail cargo ship landed at Hamburg port, carrying Zotter’s cocoa. It was transported entirely emission-free and completely sustainable by the Brigantes and Timbercoast crews. Fairly traded organic cocoa from small farms, cultivated using crop rotation: this means delicious flavor but also the preservation of cultures – human and plant.

Zotter buys their cocoa directly from the farmers, pay way above the world market price and support them continuously, so they stick with quality and fine flavor cocoa varieties like Criollo, Trinitario, Nacional and Nativo and are therefore no longer dependent on the world market, which trades chiefly in bulk cocoa. Zotter often travels to their cocoa growing regions in order to meet their cocoa farmers and conversely, they invite them over to visit our factory. Great interpersonal relationships make for a very special product quality. In the summer of 2018, Julia Zotter spent 3 weeks in Peru to visit the cocoa farmers and look in on their social campaign project, “Chocolate for School”.

Labooko: pure chocolate joy
Origin chocolates from the different cocoa regions in the world, with a cocoa percentage ranking, and colourful fruit bars, whose great colours come all naturally from the large amount of fruit they contain and which taste incredibly fruity and natural.

Labookos convinced in the international chocolate test and scored top positions.

Hand-scooped is a mixture of inventiveness and manual work. The Hand-scooped Chocolates are filled chocolates. The fillings are spread on in layers on long tracks. During this process, up to 6 different layers are combined and coated all around with chocolate. By combining different ingredients such as coffee and toffee, something new is created all the time – ideally a flavour explosion. Thanks to the wonderful compositions of taste and their unique design the Hand-scooped Chocolates have turned into a cult.

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