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Easy Healthy Banana Bread

Easy Healthy Banana Bread Ingredients: * 3 eggs * 300 gram (over)ripe bananas * pinch [...]

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Mokka

Pumpkin Spice Mokka Ingredients: * 100 ml milk (or a plantbased milk) * 30 gram [...]

Simple chocolate fudge recipe (vegan)

This is a super simple recipe to make delicious chocolate fudge! Ingredients: * 200 gram [...]

Real Drinking Chocolate

If you’ve tried any of the drinking chocolates that we stock, you may have noticed [...]

Taza Hot Chocolate Recipe

Taza Chocolate Mexicano Discs: Delicious to eat or drink! In Oaxaca, Mexico, and other Central [...]

Chocolate Yogurt Fudgesicles

It only takes 3 ingredients to make these frozen treats! Thick Greek yogurt takes the [...]

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Home made ice cream takes some time to prepare but it is well worth it. [...]

Taza iced drinking chocolate

This rich and cooling Iced Drinking Chocolate recipe is the perfect way to enjoy Taza [...]

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