Common mistakes to avoid when shopping for chocolate

Shopping for fine chocolate is always an exciting experience. But to avoid falling in marketing and branding traps, it’s always better to pay close attention and follow a few rules to make sure that what you are buying is truly good quality. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when shopping for chocolate:

Buying chocolate solely based on where it is made.

Only because countries like Belgium or Switzerland are known for the quality of their chocolate, this doesn’t mean that all chocolate made in those countries is worth your money. For the same reason, you shouldn’t avoid buying certain brands purely because they manufacture in countries that are not famous for chocolate. It all depends on the skills of the chocolate makers and the quality of the raw materials they use. So don’t have any prejudice, whether positive or negative, and feel free to travel anywhere in the world through chocolate.

Buying chocolate solely based on its cocoa content.

We hear many customers who consider themselves “chocolate lovers” just because they only consume chocolate with high cocoa percentages. But again it all comes down to quality. A chocolate with 80 percent cocoa content is not inherently better than a chocolate with 60 percent cocoa content. Therefore, unless you are trying to limit your sugar consumption, don’t make your purchasing choices solely based on the cocoa content.

Buying chocolate in the wrong place.

When you want to buy great wine, you go to a specialty wine store. When you want to buy great cheese or olive oil, you go to a specialty food store. You could opt for the supermarket, but you probably won’t find the same quality selection. The same thing is true with chocolate. If you want great chocolate, shop at a physical or online store that specializes in selling fine chocolate.

Now that you are well equipped to buy fine chocolate consciously, we wish you all a happy shopping! And our online store with hundreds of craft chocolate bars might be the perfect place to start:

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