Passionate about chocolate

Making people happy with good and honest chocolate, that’s what I want. Eating good chocolate is an exquisite experience! I deliberately choose for small and unique chocolate makers from the United States, Europe and Asia. They buy directly from cocoa farmers, pay premium prices, and work with great vision and attention to create beautiful chocolate. I like to keep the chains as transparent and short as possible.

I do not sell the type of chocolate that you would find in the supermarket. By buying specialty chocolate, you support the chocolate maker and the cocoa farmers too. Did you know that cocoa could contain 800 different flavor aromas? Every chocolate has its own specific character.

Meet the new owner

My name is Esther Heshof I took over the craft chocolate shop from Dennis van Essen september 2023.

I’ve completed levels 1 and 2 of the international institute of chocolate and cacao tasting which makes me a certified chocolate taster.

I’m a big foodie, bookworm and animal lover.

I will be adding new brands and bars to the store all the time. Do share your suggestions with me.