HOT TOPIC: Summer Shipping!

Chocolate and warm weather are not best friends and shipping meltable chocolate is a challenge in the summer. We would not want you to do without good chocolate when temperatures rise, but don’t want your chocolate to arrive looking like the above!

We’ve been getting a lot of shipping questions lately, so we thought we’d share some updates & info about how we get chocolate to doorsteps across the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, so you know what to expect when you order.

With daily temperatures above 24 ºC, we STRONGLY suggest selecting the warm weather shipping option for your order at the cart or checkout page. Free shipping includes warm weather packaging, if needed.

Warm weather shipping
Warm Weather Shipping includes an ice pack and special insulation packaging (in case your order is eligible for free shipping warm weather packaging is automatically included if needed). This will ensure your chocolate arriving safely. We choose the best possible day to ship, looking at transit times and your location, to avoid the parcel being held at a non-temperature controlled DPD or DHL warehouse over the weekend. We charge a little more for warm weather shipping to cover cost of the ice gel packs and the special shipping box.

Standard shipping
Standard shipping does not include any heat protection. In case you choose standard shipping and temperatures are above, or expected to be above 24 ºC during the expected transit time, we will hold your shipment until the weather conditions are safe again.

It can get so hot (over 35 ºC) for so long that even ice & insulation don’t suffice. If the weather in our or your area is so hot for over a week, we will hold your order until it’s safe to ship again. In such case we notify you of the shipping delay of your order.

Help protect your order! Please see our Shipping Policy for more details.

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