How trendy drinks make popular inclusions in craft chocolate

Have you noticed how the trendiest drinks like matcha, oat milk and mocha are also popular inclusions in craft chocolate?

Now almost every craft chocolate maker has an oat milk bar in the assortment. Oat has a peculiar flavor: more delicate than coconut milk, but more powerful than rice or almond milk. Oat confers a cereal note to any plant-based milk or white chocolate, giving an extra layer of flavor complexity to even the most basic creations. It seems to pair extremely well with any cacao origin, from nutty Ugandan to floral Ecuadorian cocoa.

Greener and more caffeinated than other teas, matcha chocolate is a winner from any point of view: trendy, healthy and Instagram-worthy. It is most often combined with white chocolate, so that the intensely nutty and vegetal flavor of the matcha doesn’t get disturbed by the strong flavors of the cacao. A popular drink that can now be enjoyed in the most delicious solid form. Many vegan options are also available on the market.

Mocha is a popular drink made of 1-4 pumps of chocolate syrup, 2-4 shots of espresso, and steamed milk with a little bit of milk foam. The translation to the chocolate world has been effortless. Replacing the intense espresso flavor of a regular coffee bar, mocha chocolate is more creamy, less intense and tastes like a delicate cappuccino with cocoa notes. Some chocolate makers craft mocha bars with milk chocolate for a truly creamy dream, while others prefer to keep the chocolate dark-milk with a higher percentage of cocoa for a stronger boost of energy.

The craft chocolate industry is taking advantage of the popularity of these trendy drinks to give chocoholics the best of both worlds. Whether it’s an earthy matcha, a smooth oat milk base or a powerful mocha, these flavors keep going strong on the market, and we can’t wait to taste them all!

Which chocolate inclusion do you prefer: matcha, oat milk or mocha?

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