International Chocolate Awards – World Final 2021-22

Last month the International Chocolate Awards announced the World Final Winners for the 2021-22 competition. This is one of the most highly respected and prestigious awards in the chocolate industry, judged by a plethora of international experts, so the results are always eagerly anticipated.

We were very happy to see that many of the products we stock picked up awards. Huge congratulations to Cacaosuyo for winning the overall best milk origin bar award, and to Fjåk Chocolate for their major haul of 10 awards!

Here’s a list of all the winners we currently stock…

Amano Chocolate – Guayas, Ecuador 70% – Bronze

Amano Chocolate – Raspberry & Rose – Bronze

Cacaosuyo – Piura Milk Chocolate – Best milk origin bar + Gold

Cacaosuyo – Rupa Rupa 100% – Silver

Cacaosuyo – Chuncho-Cuzco 70% – Silver

Cacaosuyo – Piura Nibs – Silver

Fjåk Chocolate – Uganda 70% – Bronze

Fjåk Chocolate – Madagascar Dark Milk 60% – Bronze

Fjåk Chocolate – 50% milk Guatemala with Liquorice Root & Salt – Bronze

Fjåk Chocolate – Caramelised Milk & Brown Cheese – Gold

Fjåk Chocolate – 45% milk Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt – Bronze

Fjåk Chocolate – Carrot Cake – Bronze

Fruition Chocolate Works – Origins of Peru Dark Milk 68% – Bronze

Fruition Chocolate Works – Salted Sping Dark Milk 56% – Silver

Standout Chocolate – Peru Urubamba 70% – Bronze

Standout Chocolate – Madagascar Sambirano Dark Milk 60% – Silver

Standout Chocolate – Nordic Nature Porcini – Silver

Standout Chocolate – Nordic Nature Spruce Shoots – Silver

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