New brand alert: Amedei Toscana

We’re excited and honored to welcome Italian bean-to-bar heavyweight Amedei Toscana to our range.

Founded in Tuscany by Cecilia Tessieri in 1990, Amedei was one of the first ever chocolate makers to put bean-to-bar craft chocolate on the world stage. After extensive training in Belgium, Germany and France, Cecilia returned home to Italy with a desire to raise the bar of quality in Italian chocolate. Today, Amedei is one of the most respected and highly awarded chocolate makers in the world, and you can find their chocolate in over 30 countries worldwide. Due to its luxury branding and stylish products, Amedei is often referred to as ‘the Gucci of the chocolate world’.

We have many different Amedei bars available from their four different ranges – Classic, Cru, Fruit and Black. Amedei bars are the pinnacle of classic European treatment of cacao beans: roasted darker than most American artisans, with ample cocoa butter. Find out more!


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