New brand alert: Aruntam

We are proud to announce the arrival of the latest member of our bean-to-bar craft chocolate family: Aruntam!

Aruntam Sensory is Craft Chocolate – Bean to Bar – Made in Italy brand of Joyflor srl and the story of Joyflor is inseparably linked to its founder: Piedad Margarita Rivera.

Pia, born and grown up in Ecuador, arrived in Italy the 5th of November 1999, with a degree in business administration and a number of business experiences, with faith, determination, and ambition as entrepreneur dedicated to natural raw materials of high ethic, educational and economic value.

The first challenge: Flowers

With a small company, the import of cultivated fresh flowers from Ecuador starts in 2002. The business that starts at zero in Italy, with pre-ordered flowers from one supplier for a restricted circle of wholesalers, grows rapidly to a regular import of fresh flowers and flower compositions from different cultivators in South America and Asia, destined to the national market.

First meeting with Cacao

During a journey to Ecuador in 2012, Pia considers extending the activity to other excellences from her home country. Cacao -beans, -butter, -liquor, -nibs and -powder are becoming part of the product range imported and distributed in Italy, destined to the market of confectionery processing and craft confectionery.

From Cacao to chocolate

It is a short, strategic and substantial step, when Pia starts to import exclusive chocolate bars to Italy.

In 2016, thanks to the experience matured during the previous years, Joyflor continuously extends its range of aromas and tastes, becoming selectioner of cacao and chocolate from all over the world. During the summer months in 2017, Pia decides to create her own chocolate line with characteristics of exceptional high quality, selecting herself all the raw materials, that’s how Aruntam- Corragio Nativo was born.

In 2018 the renovations for the construction of the new bean to bar chocolate laboratory start at the premises of the company in San Giuliano Milanese.

In January 2019 Pia starts to produce her own line of raw materials, created exclusively with ingredients that she personally selects: Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate.

The word Aruntam recalls the spirit of courage of a native tribe in Ecuador. Pia is the heart of the whole project and has followed each step, from the selection of the raw materials and the cacao beans to the entire processing, personally creating recipes and products in the organic certified laboratory in San Giuliano Milanese.

The range

Aruntam addresses the middle market with an extensive range of 25 bars, packaged beautifully to make a statement in your shop, and priced attractively.

The range consists of two disctinct categories;

  • Cultivars Collection – single origin bars (Ecuador, Peru, India, Tanzania & Madagascar) in white, milk and dark. Cacao percentage going up to 100%. Including two Virgin (unroasted) bars. Suggested retail price €4,95.
  • Italian Lifestyle Collection – a tribute to Italian gourmet with bars with inclusions like almonds, pistachios, coffee in various cacao percentages. Suggested retail price €5,95.

Most Aruntam bars are fully certified organic. Aruntam has received important international acknowledgments and award winning.

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