New: Cacao Juice from Pacha de Cacao!

A delicious, fresh and exotic drink made from cocoa pulp. Cocoa juice is versatile, it is full with good things and helps farmers in South America to earn more income.

Cacao Juice

Cocoa juice is made from the cocoa fruit. Which looks like one small rugby ball, has a thick skin, beautiful white fruit (pulp) and brown seeds, which we call cocoa beans. The beans are sold to make chocolate, and the pulp is often thrown away. How sin! Cocoa pulp is super tasty and is full of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B. We press the pulp locally and make juice from. It’s 100% natural and you can drink it like that, or you can also use it in smoothies or cocktails / mocktails or to make delicious sorbet ice cream.

Winner, winner

Cocoa juice is not only good news for you, but also for the cocoa farmer. The cocoa market has grown quite skewed. The demand for cocoa beans has been rising like a rocket for 40 years, but the farmers see little of it. Resulting in poverty and other misery. Pacha de Cacao brings a positive sound from this sector. Pacha pays the farmers for the pulp, which gives them an extra source of income and that makes them less dependent on the erratic cocoa prices and local cocoa buyers. It helps them to earn a living income. Moreover, a new product from the same fruit is also good against food waste. Win, win, win.

Pacha de cacao

Pacha de Cacao literally means: world of cocoa. In the Quechua is the same as earth, ground, world. La Pacha Mama is for the indigenous people in South and Central America’s main deity. She is creative and protective and worthy of respect. She’s everywhere. And she is of course a woman.

Pacha de Cacao Juice


Pacha de Cacao is a 100% natural and fresh cacao juice, full of nutrients and vitamins. It’s made from cacao pulp and water and… that’s it!

This refreshing drink gives you a low boost of positive energy.

A taste of the Amazon
What does it taste like? Imagine mango, lychee, pear, pineapple and honey… all coming together in one glass. Need we say more? It’s a beautiful balance between (natural) sweetness and acidity. A burst of tropical flavors with a tangy twist. A taste of the Amazon!

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