NEW: Letterpress chocolate

We are thilled to finally add a carefully curated selection of the Los Angeles based Letterpress chocolate to our retail range!

We first met David Menkes in a small coffee bar near his home in Los Angeles, where at the time, he was making chocolate. Then already we were wowed by the quality of the bars and started importing in small quantities. Since then Letterpress have come a long way. Soon after business grew they moved production to a new location where they still manufacture and retail. If you have the chance, we recommend visiting his shop!

Two words about the chocolate: scary good. We mean it, this chocolate is so good it actually scared us when we first tried it a few years ago. We knew we had to have it, and are incredibly proud to offer this superlative product. Be sure to try their many uncommon origins, but also make a point doing a little blind tasting. Put Letterpress’ more common origins up against bars made with the same beans from from other makers, and you just might find a new favorite.

At the recent Academy of Chocolate Awards Letterpress received FIVE Gold and FOUR Silver awards. The five gold winning bars are now available here at the! Check them out HERE!

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