NEW: Raaka’s Botanical Collection

Chocolate in full bloom.

Allow us to introduce Raaka’s second limited Botanical Collection, made in collaboration with the landmark New York Botanical Garden. Raaka’s partnership with NYBG brings you three single origin dark chocolate bars with flower power: the fruity and lush Hibiscus Cinnamon, the deliciously delicate Jasmine Mint, and their ambrosial floral classic, Rose Cardamom.

Every bar of chocolate starts with a flowering fruit tree that, if properly pollinated, grows into a heavy fruit pod that resembles a dinosaur egg. The seeds of that fruit, called Theobroma cacao, are what we use to make chocolate. It’s an extraordinary cycle that continues to inspire wonder in even the most seasoned of cacao growers and chocolate makers. These three bars are an ode to all the flowering plants that share their beauty, wonder, and nourishment with us.

Each bar is wrapped in botanical artwork from NYBG’s historical archives. A percentage of proceeds goes back to NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation, horticulture, and education.

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