Next level milk chocolate from Dick Taylor

Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor are craftsmen. They use traditional techniques, classic machinery and produce an authentic taste in their small factory in Eureka, California. A two ingredient craft chocolate protocol is what they believe in, and that is only broken in exceptional cases. Like now!

Announcing two new milk chocolates from the small batch makers: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Milk Chocolate.

By working with one of the only US dairies producing organic, grass-fed, A2/A2 milk, they’re able to craft a milk chocolate that is truly the first of its kind. A2/A2 milk does not cause the same discomfort or allergies that other milk does and can often be tolerated by those with lactose intolerance.

The whole Dick Taylor range is now available!

The multiple award winning whole range of Dick Taylor chocolate is now available to order in the webshop: 2 ingredients single origin bars, their exceptional inclusion bars, amazing drinking chocolate and chocolate covered almonds.

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