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AMANO, Orem, Utah, USA

Amano is, by far, the most award winning chocolate maker in America. Period. And it’s no secret why, with Amano’s distinct approach harnessing the best aspects of both American and European chocolate making styles. You’ll find all the expression of lightly roasted cacao you’d expect from an avant-garde American, but balanced by the smooth cocoa butter and vanilla notes of the most sophisticated European chocolate makers. No serious chocolate set is complete without Amano.

  • Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic and Madagascar are the cocoa origins chosen for Amano’s single-origin chocolate bars.
  • The artisan behind the chocolate bars is Art Pollard, who was a prodigious scientist before founding Amano Chocolate in 2006.
  • Located in Utah, Amano Chocolate was among the very first chocolate brands around the world making chocolate from scratch using fine flavor cocoa beans and homemade machines.
  • Amano Chocolate offers a limited assortment composed of 6 single-origin bars and 3 inclusion bars. Instead of launching new trendy and seasonal releases, the brand focuses on delivering a consistent quality in every tested-and-proven creation.

  • Art Pollard seeks out unusual cacao beans, buying them directly from farms, and sometimes even working with the farmers to improve fermentation and drying.
  • All Amano Chocolate bars are gluten-free and vegan, including only dark chocolate options.
  • Every single-origin bar is kept at 70% cocoa, allowing passionate chocolate lovers to have fun comparing and contrasting the different tasting profiles of each bar.

The Amano range

There is a pure Amano Chocolate bar for every palate. Want to enjoy comforting flavors? You will love the cream, caramel, molasses and brown sugar notes of the 70% Macoris bar. Are you craving bright fruity notes instead? The 70% Madagascar delivers natural flavors of citrus and raspberries. Looking for some adventure? The 70% Papua New Guinea and the 70% Guayas were just made for you! The 70% Ocumare is a complex journey of plums, smoke and espresso, while the 70% Dos Rios has an unforgettable aftertaste of bergamot and lavender.

There are 5 inclusion bars in the Amano assortment. Made with Ecuadorian cocoa beans, the Raspberry Rose bar is a romantic creation that combines rose petals with freeze-dried raspberries, together with small bites of sugar crystals for a crunchy bite. The Mango Chili bar is a tribute to the Aztecs that invented this marvelous pairing, where the sweetness of the mango is balanced out by the liveliness of the chili. The Cardamom Black Pepper bar is where Dominican cacao meets the magical flavor of cardamom with the slight warmth of black pepper. The triple treat Citrus Melange A Trois inclusion bar combines oils from yuzu, along with tangerine and grapefruit. Lastly with cacao from Ocumare, cocoa nibs from Ecuador, and Japanese sea salt from Bitterman Salts, there really is no going wrong with this stunning new inclusion bar.

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