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AMEDEI, Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy

Italian bean-to-bar heavyweight Amedei was founded in Tuscany in 1990. After extensive training in Belgium, Germany and France, Cecilia Tessieri returned home to Italy with a desire to raise the bar of quality in Italian chocolate. Today, Amedei is one of the most respected and highly awarded chocolate makers in the world, and you can find their chocolate in over 30 countries worldwide. Due to its luxury branding and stylish products, Amedei is often referred to as ‘the Gucci of the chocolate world’.

  • One of the first ever chocolate makers to put bean-to-bar craft chocolate on the world stage.
  • Received more than 80 international awards for their chocolate bars.
  • Six-time winner of the Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean award (for best overall bar). More than any other chocolate maker!

  • Over 30 years of chocolate making experience.
  • Work with plantations to ensure the highest quality processing of cacao.
  • An extensive product range that includes single origin, single varietal, blended and inclusion bars.

The Amedei range

Expertly blended bars that will please lovers of traditional chocolate styles. Includes plain dark, milk and white chocolate, plus a classic Italian Gianduja.

Dark, milk and white bars with an eclectic selection of fruit and nut inclusions that are exquisitely representative of their Tuscan heritage. The Toscano Blond is a particular crowd-please, with its inclusions of peach and apricot.

An elegant range of single origin dark chocolate, currently including origins such as Ecuador, Jamaica, Madagascar and Venezuela. Made in the European style with added cocoa butter and a very smooth melt.

Amedei’s premium range of single varietal dark bars, made with some of the finest and rarest cacao in the world. The focus is on genetically uncommon beans from remote locations, such as pure Peruvian criollo, Chuao and Porcelana.

With its Selezione, Amedei offers the opportunity to taste its chocolate at any time of the day. This new, inviting pack contains 12 Napolitains that will introduce you to the variety of the Amedei world. To be enjoyed alone or in company, to ensure you always have a small stash of your favourite chocolate at your fingertips, or to surprise your friends with a quality, original gift.

Amedei spreads, prepared with ingredients of the finest quality, contain bold and delicate flavours that conjure up memories of the tastiest childhood snacks. The Crema Nocciola and Crema Nocciola Black are dedicated to lovers of classic flavours. The spreads are excellent for breakfast or as a snack, on bread or used to prepare various types of dessert.

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