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ARUNTAM, San Giuliano, Milan, Italy

Aruntam is a mix of native and genuine ingredients with the know-how of the well renowned taste of ‘Made in Italy’. A word, which well represents who ideated this project, Pia Rivera, and her iron determination to create something special in the world of Chocolate.

  • The cacao used by the company respects the Direct & Eco Trade philosophy, where the agreements are directly concluded with producers in the countries of origin and the cacao purchased directly from them.
  • Tanzania, Ecuador, Madagascar and India are their preferred fine cacao origins.
  • To preserve and celebrate the organoleptic profile of each ingredient, Aruntam chooses a minimal approach, adjusting and controlling the temperature for processing with short-cycle times to obtain a minimally processed chocolate.
  • The word Aruntam recalls the spirit of courage of a native tribe in Ecuador and is at the core of the company’s mission statement: “Good chocolate only comes from good cacao. Just find the courage to make it.”

  • Not only fine and traceable cocoa, but also the ingredients for Aruntam’s inclusion bars are kept high-quality and local with renowned ingredients like the Tonda Gentile hazelnuts, the Toritto almonds, the Cervia salt and Sicilian pistachios.
  • The Aruntam Chocolate assortment includes products certified Organic, Raw and Vegan.
  • Many of the single-origin and inclusion bars by Aruntam, like the 72% Madagascar and the Biancomangiare bars, have obtained international acknowledgments by the Academy of Chocolate Awards and the International Chocolate Awards competitions.

The Aruntam range

This selection of single-origin bars celebrates the fine cocoa from the best producers around the world. The lowest cocoa percentage starts with the 46% Manabi, Ecuador white chocolate with delicate natural flavors of honey, flowers and spices, and goes all the way up to the 100% Virgin (Ecuador) bar with hints of tropical fruits and nuts. Most of the other single-origin bars are kept at 72% cocoa, the perfect percentage to accompany the delicate notes of Madagascan, Tanzanian and Indian cacao with just the right amount of organic cane sugar.

Join the Italian way of living with inclusion bars made with locally grown and well-known Italian ingredients! Caffè Napoli and Caffè Latte are a boost of energy where Ethiopian and Indian coffee meet Italian milk from the Alps. The Dark Gianduja, Dark Mandorla and Dark Pistacchio bars bring all the nuttiness of locally grown nuts to a floral and earthy Ecuadorian cacao. Caramello is a delicious caramelized white chocolate with sweet Cervia salt, also availabe in the vegan version Caramello Veg. Other inclusion bars like Quarzo Rosso and Ossidiana showcase the best spices and herbs that Calabria has to offer.

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