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“The best kept secret of the Incas,” made at origin in Peru.

Undoubtedly the most award-winning chocolate maker in Latin America, Cacaosuyo was founded in 2012 by two Peruvian entrepreneurs: Eduardo Lanfranco and Samir Giha. Cacaosuyo are chocolate geeks’ elite rockstars. Minimally processed chocolate bars express each Peruvian cacao strain’s genetics in crystal clear surround sound. Their unrivaled attention to detail and direct trade practices are key in improving lives of producers and preserving rare varietals that would otherwise be lost to more industrial, “productive” strains.

  • Cacaosuyo is based in Peru and uses only fine cacao sourced from Peru in different regions to showcase the variety of flavors that Peruvian cacao has to offer.
  • The company produces chocolate from tree to bar, working with small producers to firstly select the trees where the cacao will be grown and harvested. This serves to guarantee the cacao’s traceability and full transparency.
  • Piura, Chuncho, Lakuna, Cuzco and Rupa Rupa are the names given to the chocolate bars that represent the cacao varieties sourced by the company all over Peru.
  • “The best kept secret of the Incas” is the company’s famous motto.
  • Cacao is the main protagonist in every Cacaosuyo chocolate bar. This is why the company has few choices for inclusion bars, such as milk, nibs and quinoa. The awardwinning cacao shines through in the entire assortment that includes chocolate bars from 40% to 100% cocoa.
  • The packaging of the Cacaosuyo bars was recently renovated into a golden and colorful pattern that catches the attention of consumers while maintaining all its elegance and sobriety.

The Cacaosuyo range

Every cocoa variety is assigned a different packaging color that makes it easily distinguishable in the assortment. Not only recognizable colors, but every single chocolate bar has a peculiar set of flavors that makes it clearly distinguishable from all the rest: Piura with irresistible exotic flavors, Lakuna with more sour notes of olives and herbs, Cuzco with an intense fruitiness and Rupa Rupa with its unmistakable roasted finishing. Every single bar has gained a rich array of international awards throughout the years, making each of them a confident purchase for any chocolate lover.

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