FRENCH BROAD, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Nestled in the mountains of Asheville, NC, French Broad Chocolates has been crafting artisan chocolate straight from the source since 2012. Partners Jael and Dan Rattigan started the venture in 2006 after living in a cacao-growing region in Costa Rica for two years. Today, French Broad Chocolates delivers a beautiful farm-to-factory and bean-to-bar product with tasting notes ranging from fruity to deeply earthy; all wrapped up in beautiful blue boxes and envelopes evoking vintage hardcover books.

  • Owners Dan Rattigan and Jael Skeffington are big on things like sustainability and community, so much so that one might expect their chocolate bars to look and taste like they were belched out of a composter and doused in patchouli oil. They don’t...!
  • Packaging is both whimsical and elegant, with designs that recall the look and feel of vintage, hardbound books.
  • Upon tasting, it is quickly apparent that French Broad is a company born of love and driven by love.

  • The company name comes from the French Broad River that runs through Ashville, where the factory is based.
  • French Broad Chocolate celebrates terroir, both in terms of harnessing the flavour of cacao, and representing the business’ local community.
  • B Corp Certified business.

The French Broad range

An exceptional collection of single origin dark chocolate bars that offer a range of well balanced flavour profiles. Some cacao is sourced directly from small estates, such as the Costa Rican beans, which come from Daniel South - an ex-employee of French Broad!

A mixture of classic inclusions bars such as chilli (Scorpion Pepper) and sea salt, along with more modern American flavours such as Brown Butter and Malted Milk. The Massala Chai milk chocolate is a big favourite with our customers.

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