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FRUITION, Woodstock, New York, USA

Chocolate maker Bryan Graham honed his attention to detail at The Culinary Institute of America, followed by an externship with master pastry chef Jacques Torres. Then, in 2011, after 15 years as a baker and pastry chef, Bryan found his true passion in making chocolate from start to finish.

  • One of the most awarded craft chocolate of all time, Fruition Chocolate is
    manufactured in the Catskill Mountains of New York since 2011.
  • Fruition chocolate maker Bryan Graham has a long-time experience in pastry, bakery and chocolate that dates back to when he was just 18 years old interning for renewed dessert professionals like Jacques Torres Chocolates.
  • Fruition Chocolate was one of the first bean-to-bar brands to introduce inclusion bars in the craft chocolate world, and to launch that appreciated middle ground between dark and milk chocolate that is now dark-milk chocolate.
  • The monochromatic Fruition chocolate bars with a touch of gold are surely eye-catching and bring lively colors to every assortment

  • Fine cacao from Bolivia, Peru, Madagascar, Colombia and Dominican Republic is minimally processed with artisan methods to preserve the enchanting tasting profile of each origin. With the addition of unexpected ingredients such as cinnamon, bourbon, salt and brown butter, every bar is guaranteed to bring out an explosion of flavors.
  • An elegant box of Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels and a mouth-watering range of chocolate-covered treats like Pecans with Maple Cinnamon and Crystallized Ginger with Matcha Couverture complete the assortment.
  • A company that never stops reinventing itself, Fruition Chocolate continuously improves its packaging and regularly launches exciting new inclusions, origins and collections.

The Fruition range

With a different color for each origin, Fruition Chocolate brings you along in an adventure from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar to the enchanting Tumaco in Colombia and the ancient Maranon River in Peru in just a few bites. Cacao percentages vary from 68% to 100%, making these bars perfect for every palate. Among the bestsellers we find the multiple-award winner 43% Brown Butter Milk bar together with the classic 61% Dark Milk Hudson Bourbon bar

Three different chocolate covered treats ads to an already rich assortment of chocolate bars. These are not your usual dark chocolate covered nuts. This collection ranges from the lively Hazelnuts with Citrus infused milk chocolate to the mouth-watering Pecans with Maple Cinnamon Milk Chocolate. The stunning looking tins are both practical and make great unexpected flavor gifts.

In an elegant box for true connoisseurs, Fruition Chocolate demonstrates all their skills in these rich brown butter caramels spiked with Hudson Baby Bourbon and coated with their signature 68% Hispaniola Dark Chocolate. Perfect for gifting and special occasions.

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