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KRAK, Ermelo, the Netherlands

Krak Chocolade is created by Mark Schimmel in Ermelo, The Netherlands. Although Krak Chocolade officially launched in 2013, Mark’s journey towards chocolate making developed over many years. Mark is a talented pastry chef who worked in three-Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Europe, before starting his own pastry and chocolaterie business. The more he worked with chocolate, the more he wanted to create it himself, from bean-to-bar. After initial experiments with micro batch chocolate making, Mark upgraded his equipment and started working with some of the finest cacao origins in the world.

  • Mark creates a mixture of dark and milk single origin bars using ethically sourced cacao from small farms and estates around the world. Currently he’s using beans from Belize, Colombia, Cuba, Madagascar, Vietnam, The Philippines, Tanzania, Mexico and Saint Vincent & The Grenadines.
  • Krak Chocolade sources its cacao beans via Amsterdam’s Daarnhouwer & Co., which guarantees traceability, diverse origins and high quality, fine-flavour cacao that is usually certified organic.
  • Mark works with top chefs throughout Europe, creating chocolate that is specific to the chef’s needs, in terms of flavour profile and texture.
  • Many of the bars have won awards at the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate Awards. The Sierra Nevada 55% Milk Chocolate won the Golden Bean Award for best bar at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021.
  • Mark wants to transform the quality of chocolate used in fine dining restaurants, where the highest quality ingredients are used, but often alongside cheap industrial chocolate.
  • All Krak Chocolade bars are wrapped in recyclable paper, with cacao origin and chocolate information hand stamped on each individual bar.

The Krak range

A wide range of small-batch single origin dark and milk chocolate. Krak bars are made in very small batches with a limited amount of each available. Cacao origins are often rotated.

A small range of unique flavoured bars, currently including Juniper Milk Chocolate.

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