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LETTERPRESS, Los Angeles, California, USA

Two words: scary good. We mean it, this chocolate is so good it actually scared us when we first tried it a few years ago. We knew we had to have it, and are incredibly proud to offer this superlative product. Be sure to try their many uncommon origins, but also make a point doing a little blind tasting. Put Letterpress’ more common origins up against bars made with the same beans from from other makers, and you just might find a new favorite.

  • One of North America’s most outstanding chocolate makers.
  • Run by the husband and wife team of David and Corey Menkes.
  • Winner of multiple International Chocolate Awards, Academy of Chocolate Awards and Good Food Awards.
  • On the inside of each wrapper you’ll find this quote from Benjamin Franklin, which serves as a company ethos… ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.’

  • David Menkes was formerly an artist for DreamWorks animation, where he first tested out his home-made chocolate with his colleagues.
  • Letterpress pays farmers anywhere between 3 and 9 times the market price for cacao.

The Letterpress range

A highly-revered range of single origin dark and dark-milk bars, packaged in Letterpress' simple but distinctive wrappers. Includes well-known craft chocolate origins such as Maya Mountain (Belize) and Kokoa Kamili (Tanzania), along with lesser-seen origins such as Bachelor's Hall (Jamaica) and Patanemo (Venezuela).

As you might expect from chocolate makers so renowned for their single origin bars, Letterpress’ inclusion bars do an incredible job of combining the natural flavour notes of cacao with added flavour ingredients. The Amaranth Crunch bar is dangerously difficult to put down!

Micro-batch chocolate made with some of the rarest and most expensive cacao in the world. The Ucayali Reserve 70% bar is Letterpress’ flagship (and most internationally awarded) bar. The price might seem a little high but when you taste it, everything will make sense.

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