Zotter Squaring the Circle

The chocolate collection with trendy sugar alternatives and sugar-free chocolates.

Available in 13 varieties, in dark, milk, white and fruit. And in several vegan options.

With the Squaring the Circle range, Zotter presents chocolates without any sugar and some featuring today’s brand-new sugar trends. The Squaring of the Circle range shows us not restricting ourselves to cacao and sugar but instead exploring new sugar trends from exciting sugar alternatives like trendy date sugar, nocalorie organic sweetener (erythritol), fructose contained in mangoes to no sugar at all, as well as two new nut bars and much, much more. The squaring of the circle represents the impossible, our own science of chocomatics proves that there are a multitude of solutions. This enables us to develop many new chocolates, all revolving around the hot topic of sugar.

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