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Mesjokke, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Mesjokke is a Dutch brand founded in 2015 by friends Per and Luc. They make their delicious and ethical chocolate in their small factory in the city of Utrecht. They are fascinated by the magic of the cacaobean. They only buy speciality cacao which they pay a fair price for (2 to 3 times the amount that is being paid for 'bulk' cacao). Their mission is to continue to learn to get the very best out of the cacaobean.

  • They make the very best single origin chocolate in dark, milk and white varieties. Their current range include chocolate with cacao from the Dominican Republik, Madagascar and Nicaragua.
  • The name 'Mesjokke' means crazy, silly or insane in Dutch.
  • Mesjokke uses different inclusions in their chocolate such as; fennel in their white Dominican Republik bar and a spice mix of cinnamon and ginger in their dark 'Winter Spiced' bar made with cacao from Nicaragua.
  • They also make little chocolates shaped like the famous Domtower. It's very popular in the city of Utrecht. At the back of their bars they give you fun tips to burn the calories of the chocolate bar such as climbing all the steps of the Domtower.

The Mesjokke range

Mesjokke has a 72% dark chocolate bar with cacao from the La Dahlia region in Nicaragua. They also offer a 57% milk chocolate bar with cacao from the Sambirano valley in Madagascar. They come in 80gr and 40gr bars.
Mesjokke has several inclusion bars such as the 'Winter Spiced' a 72% dark Nicaragua bar with added spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. They also have a white bar with cacaobutter from the Dominican Republik with added fennel seeds. Their Spring edition bar is a dark bar with added Lavender.
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