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QANTU, Montreal, Canada

One of the industry’s most adorable married couples, Elfi and Maxime exploded onto the chocolate scene in 2017, winning two Academy of Chocolate Awards. They encourage the farms they work with in Elfi’s home country of Peru to avoid the economic temptation of commercial cacao strains or hybrids, instead promoting biodiversity by focusing strictly on native varieties of cacao. Qantu’s chocolate is a deep dive into the role of genetics and terroir in flavors novices and experts alike can revel in.

  • The Qantu story begins ten years ago in Cusco, Peru, two young travelers, Elfi and Maxime, meet by chance and the flame ignites instantly... This flame is transported to the world of cocoa in 2014 during their first visit to a plantation, Alto El Sol in northern Peru, where this immense passion and pride of cocoa farmers has shaken up the course of their lives.
  • By doing research on cocoa, they discover the chocolate made from beans to bar by small artisan chocolate makers. It was a complete surprise, the flavors, as powerful and different from one bar to another, amazed our two future chocolate makers. The idea then begins to grow, Elfi comes from a cocoa growing country, Maxime from a chocolate consuming country, 1 + 1 = 2…
  • It was in the summer of 2016 that the dream came true, the farmers selected, the small equipment purchased, the first import of cocoa beans on the way, the magic can begin. Even if the first bars are not quite magic, the efforts pays off as the first three Qantu bars were awarded with two gold medals and one silver medal at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, UK, in June 2017.
  • But why the name Qantu? It is a strong symbol for Elfi and Maxime. Symbol of unity and hospitality, it is the name of the national flower of Peru and Bolivia. Like the place where they met, this flower is native from the Peruvian Andes. The word Qantu comes from the native Quechua language and is pronounced 'Kantu'.

The Qantu range

Multi-award winning range of bars that explores the exceptional range of terroir and flavours to be discovered in Peruvian cacao.

The best of both worlds - rare Peruvian cacao meets the finest Canadian milk (cow and goat!)

Beautifully presented inclusion bars that perfectly highlight the notes of the cacao and pair them with delightful inclusions. The maple sugar and fleur de sel bar is always popular!

An exquisite range of limited edition bars, produced in very small batches using some of the rarest and highest quality Peruvian cacao available. A mixture of pure single origin and inclusion bars.

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