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Raaka First Nibs

Raaka First Nibs: Better than the golden ticket! Super limited, experimental small batch dark chocolate.

Raaka, the innovative Brooklyn based craft chocolate maker, processing unroasted cacao, has its own subscription programme – First Nibs – which has encouraged the chocolate maker to get very creative, producing 24 unique chocolate bar flavours per annum.

This First Nibs programme is groundbraking. US based consumers (only) can subscribe and receive 2 new exclusive experimental micro-batch chocolate bars each month. Based on the subscribers feedback, each quarter a Best of First Nibs bar is chosen which is offered as a limited bar to all customers. And each year the best out of those deserves a spot in Raaka's fixed range. In effect, the Raaka range evolves over time comprising only of the most appreciated chocolate bars.

We have worked with and distributed the Raaka range since 2016 and had a desire to offer the First Nibs bars in Europe. Now we can! Extremely limited, to only a few dozen sets per edition. Each edition consists of two exclusive micro-batch bars, and a third Raaka bar from their permanent collection that pairs perfectly with those. Comes in a bespoke Raaka box and notes about the bars.

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