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Zotter Labooko

Pure chocolate variety - single origin chocolates, fruit bars and many more...

Available in 30 varieties, in dark, milk, white and fruit. And in several vegan options.

The Labooko range features fine flavour cacao from the best cacao growing regions in the world. Each chocolate contains a rare cacao variety with a vivid history, from the Maya cacao grown in Belize and Guatemala to Dominican cacao harvested in a nature reserve. Alongside the sublime chocolates, there are colourful fruit bars – their stunning hues and delicious flavours derived entirely naturally from fruit alone – and to top it off there’s a huge selection of vegan chocolate creations. Zotter buy all raw materials in fair trade and organic quality and process them directly in-house, bean-to-bar. They roast, grind, roll and conche with great precision and develop individually processed chocolates for you.

The Labookos were big winners at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, collecting several awards and receiving top marks in the international chocolate test.

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