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It’s Time for Craft Chocolate

The average consumer in Europe eats 7kg of chocolate every year. Yet, in a world where people are becoming increasingly interested in the food they eat, that chocolate was being unfairly left out of the conversation. Tired of seeing chocolate misrepresented, and the stories of so many passionate people going unheard, Cacao Magazine was created.

Cacao is the first international print magazine dedicated to the craft chocolate industry. Much like the chocolate making process, the layout of our magazine follows the “bean-to-bar” sequence.

It begins where all chocolate does, at the hands of a farmer along the Cacao belt, exploring their stories from Nicaragua to Thailand. It then follows it all the way to your kitchen cupboard, and everywhere in between. Each issue also includes a feature country, join us as the tales unwrap of its past and investigate the current and future landscape of the craft chocolate industry.


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Kieran A. from Ireland purchased

Juniper berry, St. Vincent a/t Grenadines (55% milk)

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