Real Drinking Chocolate

drinking chocolate

If you’ve tried any of the drinking chocolates that we stock, you may have noticed that the texture and flavour is very different from what you’ve experienced before. What we sell is not just extremely high quality chocolate made with specialist cacao – it’s actually a totally different product to the hot chocolate that most of us grew up drinking. 

The type of generic hot chocolate that is served in most cafes is made with a combination of cocoa powder and lots of sugar. Cocoa powder is usually made from the poorest quality cacao, when it’s considered not good enough to be turned into chocolate. The cacao is ground into a ‘liquor’, and then the liquor pressed in a highly-pressurised cocoa press. This machine separates out the fat (cocoa butter) and the remaining cocoa solids are ground up into cocoa powder. Mix this powder with lots of sugar and you have mainstream-industrial hot chocolate mix.

In contrast, the drinking chocolate we sell is made with whole chocolate, crafted from the highest quality cacao beans in the world. The cacao is transformed into chocolate in exactly the same way as the exceptional bars that we sell, but when the final chocolate is ready, instead of being moulded into bars it’s ground up into crumbs or shavings and sold as drinking chocolate. This means that the flavour and texture are totally different to a standard hot chocolate. Not only will you taste the nuanced beauty of single origin bean-to-bar chocolate, you’ll also experience a much thicker, richer texture, as the cocoa butter hasn’t been removed.   

It’s worth noting that the inclusion of cocoa butter makes this drinking chocolate a little slower to melt. You can make it by just adding milk and stirring, but for the best results, slowly heat the chocolate together with the milk, preferably in a pan on the stove-top. It’s up to you whether you use cow’s milk or plant-based milk, but remember that all milks have their own flavour, and some will taste better than others when paired with the chocolate.  

If you haven’t yet experienced real drinking chocolate, you have a wonderful treat ahead of you. Be sure to check out our small but exceptional collection today.

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