Seasonal products are here!

The Fall Season just keeps getting better and better!

We have now officially launched our Seasonal Range the Holiday & Christmas period.

It’s already beginning November which means that it’s tme to choose your Holiday treats!

To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of all our Christmas-themed chocolates, such as:

  • Amazing special editions from Dick Taylor, including 3 bars and 1 drinking chooclate (note the stunning new packaging!)
  • Ginger Snap by Raaka Chocolate
  • Bryan Graham from Fruition excelled again with a delicious Cinnamon Maple Bourbon bar
  • An award winning White Gingerbread bar by Fjåk Chocolate (plus an extremeley limuted Mushroom bar – we have only 20 pieces available)
  • Attractively packaged gift samplers, a Gingerbread bar and the Spiked Eggnog Chocolate Disc by Taza Chocolate

and more!

Check out our Holidays & Christmas selection

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