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Sierra Sagrada bar mold

SIERRA SAGRADA, Santa Marta, Colombia

Chocolate Sierra Sagrada was born from the idea of the Biologist Marco Caraballo Pérez and the Industrial Microbiologist Andrea Paola Díaz Ovalle, who have been passionate about chocolate since they were children. They are the co-founders of C & D CACAO SAS, a family business located in Santa Marta, Colombia. Providing the finest chocolate experience through origins of Colombian cocoa such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta adding value to small producers of the best quality beans. Craft Chocolate Shop is very proud to bring this brand to Europe!

  • Chocolate Sierra Sagrada is inspired by the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, origin of the cocoa bean, considered the “Heart of the World” and a sacred place by the 4 indigenous peoples (Arhuaco or Ikus,Koguis or Kaggabas, Wiwas and Kankuamos), because in different special natural places or sacred sites in the mountains, payments or spiritual tributes are made in gratitude to mother earth for crops such as cocoa and for the balance of nature on the planet.
  • They have won several awards at the International Chocolate Awards. In 2022 they won silver for their 72% chocolate bar and in 2023 they won silver in the America's for their new 55% chocolate bar with oats.
  • The Sierra Nevada is declared by UNESCO as a Man and Biosphere reserve.
  • “The sacred secret of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in a chocolate bar” is their motto.
  • Cacao is the main star in every Sierra Sagrada chocolate bar. The only flavoured bar they have is the 55% dark chocolate with oats. The award winning cacao shines through in the entire assortment that includes chocolate bars from 55% to 100% cocoa.
  • Their bright and colorful packaging is hard not to fall in love with!

The Sierra Sagrada range

Sierra Sagrada is perfect for trying out what difference cacao percentage makes in a chocolate bar! They have a 64 %, 72%, 85% & a 100% chocolate bar. And last but not least a 55% oat bar.

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