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Solkiki, Sunny Dorset, UK

Solkiki import the best ingredients ever tasted direct from the people who produce them. They handcraft micro-batches of fine, organic chocolate from bean-to-bar – encompassing the whole process of chocolate making from bean to bar owned and run by the couple Bob and Iris.

  • Solkiki was the first Bean to Bar chocolatemaker in the UK .
  • The chocolate makers behind the brand are Bob and Iris. Promoting traceability, flavour, quality, nutrition and sustainability, they began their craft adventures in chocolate making in January 2008 when they were looking for good bars of dark and dairy-free, vegan white chocolate. Unable to find any - they decided to start experimenting.
  • Solkiki only works Direct trade which means they work in partnership with farmers and fermenters to improve both quality of life and cacao long term.
  • They have won a lot of awards at the international chocolate awards and the great taste awards.
  • The name Solkiki stands for their two kids; Sol and Kiki.
  • They have very exciting flavours in their chocolate such as apple crumble, coffee and peanut and smoked Olive wood .Chocolate makers Bob and Iris never stop experimenting, and many exciting new bars are released every year.
  • The Solkiki bars make for a bean-to-bar brand that is captivating both on the inside, with fine cacao and unique flavors, and on the outside, with beautiful intriguing packaging with a story and a recognizable mould.
  • Solkiki stands out due to the high quality of their dark chocolate bars but also their vegan milk and white bars which are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike!

The Solkiki range

The Solkiki single-origin bars take you on a journey across the cacao world. They have a 70% dark bar with cacao from the Kablon Farms in the Philippins with intense chocolate flavour with notes of biscuit and caramel with banana and red fruit jam notes throughout. And their 90% bar with cacao from Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador gives a nice accidity and nutty notes.

Solkiki makes a delicious 53% vegan milk chocolate with cashews, nice and creamy. Try their 42% Chuncho white one with cashews and you will be blown away by it's taste!

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