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FJÅK, Eidfjord, Norway

Uniquely, Fjåk Chocolate aims to offer a line of fine artisan chocolate products – made locally by hand – from organically and fair-trade sourced cocoa beans – encompassing the whole process of chocolate making in the small factory owned and run by one women, Agur.

  • Made in Norway, Fjåk Chocolate combines fine cacao from all over the world with traditional Nordic ingredients and flavors.
  • The chocolate maker behind the brand is a skilled woman, Agur, who officially launched Fjåk Chocolate in 2017 after two years of learning how to source specialty cacao from small producers and experimenting with different chocolate making techniques.
  • Fjåk is the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Norway.
  • Their popularity has grown internationally in the past years, thanks to their unique inclusion bars and multiple international awards. Among their most appreciated bars we find the 45% Milk Brown Cheese, the milk blueberry and the 68% Dark India bars.
  • The Norwegian word “Fjåk” roughly translates to “loveable” and “honest”.
  • The peculiar ingredients included in Fjåk Chocolate like cheese, mushrooms, licorice and lingonberry are unique and make these bars stand out among other craft chocolate brands. But chocolate makers Agur and Siv never stop experimenting, and many exciting new bars are released every year.
  • The Fjåk bars make for a bean-to-bar brand that is captivating both on the inside, with fine cacao and unique flavors, and on the outside, with a simple yet stylish packaging and visually pleasing inclusions when you open the bars.
  • The combination of never-seen-before flavors and high chocolate making skills is the winning card of this internationally praised brand.

The Fjåk range

The Fjåk single-origin bars make you travel to exotic places around the world. The multi-award winner 70% Kokoa Kamili bar is a deep dive into the Tanzanian rainforest with notes of banana and brown fruits, while the unique 60% Dark Milk Madagascar bar is an intriguing combin ation of citrus and caramel notes. If the 68% Dark India bar offers delicate notes of flowers and sweet ho ney, the 72% Guatemala bar is a valid alternative for more intense flavors like leather and licorice. You just have to choose your destination.

The variety of flavors in this unique collection is truly incredible. From sour notes to sweet treats for the palate, the Fjåk inclusion bars in this range will satisfy different demands and preferences. Among the bestsellers we find the classic 50% Milk with Licorice, a true declaration of intent using one of the most traditional Nordic ingredients like licorice, and the surprising 50% Milk Brown Cheese bar, a round creamy milk chocolate with a crunch of Norwegian goat cheese and Nordic salt. Every Fjåk bar is an adventure for the palate.

New are the Limited edition bars. Produced in limited quantities so grab them while you can.

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