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MĀNOA, Kailua, Hawaii, USA

Mānoa is the first chocolate offered by the craft chocolate shop made in Hawaii. Manoa’s Hawaii bar is made from crazy-expensive cacao, which is why you don’t see it in heavy rotation in the craft chocolate scene. Overtones of floral honey are balanced with hints of raisin and espresso, making for a lush, exotic chocolate experience. Don’t miss their line up of Hawaiian inclusion bars, such as their famous Breakfast Bar - a dark milk bar sprinkled with a layer of roasted cacao nibs and Kona coffee.

  • Environmentally conscious bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Kailua, Hawaii.
  • Founded in 2010 by Dylan Butterbaugh. The original operation was entirely pedal-powered!
  • Commitment to transforming Hawaiian agricultural practices to focus on endemic reforestation.
  • Trade directly with small-scale farmers, cutting out the middlemen and paying well above market rates for cacao.
  • Beautiful wrappers and moulds that represent Hawaiian culture. The boxes are made from recycled paper and the inner wrapper is made from biodegradable plant-based fibre.
  • One of only a handful of companies making chocolate in Hawaii from locally grown cacao.

The MĀNOA range

Hawaiian cacao farms have grown and improved over the years and we can't wait for you to taste the unique flavors in each bar. Hawaii is the only state in the United States with a climate appropriate for cultivating the cacao tree. With a focus on cacao genetics, fermentation, and drying. Hawaii is now recognized internationally as producing some of the best cacao in the world. Additionally, Hawaiian cacao farms are still scarce, making Hawaiian beans some of the most expensive and exclusive.

Over the years many inclusion flavors have come and gone. These classics remain for their outstanding flavor and popularity - many of them winning multiple national and international awards.

A collection of flavors inspired by the Hawaiian Islands showcased with artwork from local artist Punky Aloha.

Mānoa Manakō x Mango 70%
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