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STANDOUT, Kållered, Sweden

Founded in 2018 by Fredrik Martinsson in Kållered, Sweden, Standout Chocolate is a leader in the Scandinavian chocolate renaissance. Fredrik has a strong commitment to using certified organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and the highest quality cacao possible. Standout Chocolate’s philosophy is built around transparency, with the aim of rebuilding trust in the chocolate industry.

  • Standout Chocolate is made with ethically traded organic cacao. Their current origins include Belize Maya Mountain, Guatemala Lachuá, Haiti Cap-Haïtien, India Idukki, Indonesia Bali, Madagascar Sambirano, Peru Urubamba and Uganda Semuliki Forest.
  • Each origin is meticulously roasted, refined and conched, in order to accentuate the most exceptional flavours.
  • The packaging is designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. The outer box is made from wood pulp from FSC-certified responsible forestry, and the inner Biofilm wrapper is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Since 2018 they have won a host of International Chocolate Awards, Academy of Chocolate Awards and Great Taste Awards.
  • All wrappers offer detailed information about cacao origins, processing methods, sustainability and flavour profiles.
  • Fredrik’s background is in engineering, international project management and specialty coffee.
  • Standout Chocolate offers a comprehensive range of single origin dark and dark milk bars, along with a collection of innovative inclusion bars that celebrate its Swedish heritage.

The Standout range

All single origin dark bars are made with just two ingredients - 70% organic cacao and 30% organic sugar. There is also a range of 60% single origin dark-milk bars and a 60% vegan Coconut Milk chocolate. Fredrik does an amazing job of highlighting the unique flavours of each origin, and creating a perfectly smooth chocolate with a lovely slow melt.

The Nordic Nature Collection celebrates classic Scandinavian flavours such as blueberry, blackcurrant, spruce shoots, porcini and sugar kelp.

The Swedish Favourites Collection focuses on popular Swedish delicacies, such as Liquorice & Smoked Salt, Getmese (caramelised goat’s milk whey) and Geisha Coffee.

Standout Getmese (58% dark) BIO
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Standout Chocolate bar
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Standout Porcini (67% dark) BIO
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Standout Chocolate bar
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