Malva Flowers – Alchemy (65% dark)

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Malva olorosa is an aphrodisiac and carminative medicinal plant from the pharmacopeia of ancestral Andean cultures. This blend will surprise you with its delicate and potent floral bouquet.

Adding floral essences like roses or lilies is common in the chocolate world. Here, To’ak explores a medicinal flower used in ancestral medicine as a carminative and aphrodisiac: Malva olorosa. With a subtle yet potent aroma, To’ak hope to make a statement about the use of flowers and medicinals together with chocolate.

Andes Mountains

Cover artist:
Adriana Gonzalez Instagram

Artist quote:
“A perfumed maternal embrace, evocative of the integrated aromas of malva olorosa and cacao.”

CxM quote:
“Conscious eating is the yoga of food.”

CxM tasting recommendations:
Bite the chocolate and let it slowly melt between tongue and palate. Focus on the subtle and lasting sensation.

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Madagascar, MAVA Ottange (70% dark)

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