O’ahu Island, Waimanalo (70% dark) Limited Edition

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This is the first chocolate bar grown and made by Mānoa! Waimanalo is a small town on the Windward side of O’ahu Island, just 15 minutes from their Kailua based factory. It is home to their very own cacao farm, a one acre parcel with about 130 cacao trees.

Seven years ago Mānoa established this modest orchard as the first Mānoa Chocolate cacao growing endeavor. For years the yields from this orchard have been minimal. In order to perform a proper ferment, an adequate amount of wet cacao seed is needed. Until 2021, Waimanalo had never produced enough cacao to meet this quantity standard. Many of the trees in this plot are now reaching maturity and producing more fruit than ever. That, in conjunction with ideal growing conditions, allowed for winter and spring harvests 40% larger than the previous year.

Even with an extraordinary 2021 season, it barely crossed the threshold to bring this bar into existence. Compared to other single origin bars, this is the smallest batch of chocolate Mānoa made all year. While the scarcity of this chocolate (and Hawaiian chocolate in general) is real, we are actively working on improving the scale of Hawaiian grown cacao.

Tasting notes:
Green apple, dried rose, walnut.

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