Salprieta Peanuts – Alchemy (65% dark)

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A journey to the gastronomic landscape of To’ak. Salprieta is a peanut-based ancestral preparation on the Pacific coast of Ecuador—the land where To’ak chocolate was born. If peanuts and chocolate are a match made in heaven, To’ak is taking it to the next level.

Salprieta is an ancestral superfood made with native varieties of corn and peanuts, which are ground into a powder and seasoned with achiote, coriander seeds, and salt. It’s used to add color, nutrition, and aroma to any dish—including fruit, soups, salads, and sauces. As a flavor popular on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, this chocolate is an invitation to travel to the gastronomic landscape of To’ak.

Pacific Coast

Cover artist:
Pablo Hierrezuelo

Artist quote:
“My artwork aims to transport us to a world of warm colors and stimulate our senses.”

CxM quote:
“The more connected to food, the more conscious we become.”

CxM tasting recommendations:
Nibble the chocolate, let it melt slowly, and focus on the amplitude of the sensation.

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