Dick Taylor Sonoma Brothers Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Seasonal)

Barrel aged 6 months.

For the third release in our Barrel Aged Chocolate line, we turned to friends from artisan craft distillery; Sonoma Brothers Distilling. Using heavy-char new American oak barrels from their three year aged ‘Straight Bourbon Whiskey’, we fill and age the highest quality certified heirloom cacao from Belize for six months. The dry aging process allows the cocoa nibs to absorb the aroma and flavor of barrel and the spirit. Once fully aged, we use these delicious nibs to handcraft a 70% dark chocolate bar by adding only cocoa butter and cane sugar. The finished chocolate bar is sweet with complex & pronounced oak and bourbon flavors.

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Using the finest cacao, and a modern take on traditional European technique, Dick Taylor are able to fully realize the potential of the beans they source. All of their chocolate is carefully crafted from the bean in their small factory in Northern California.

Cacao*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*

* organic

Nett Weight

57 gram

Type of chocolate

Dark (flavored / inclusions)

Cacao contents


Cacao Origin


Product characteristics

Dairy Free, Soy Free, Direct Trade, Vegan


Two carpenters make the most detailed US chocolate.

Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor are craftsmen. They use traditional techniques, classic machinery and produce an authentic taste. This is the goal of the micro factory located in Eureka, California.

You’d almost feel bad breaking a Dick Taylor's bar to eat it. All chocolate gets casted into molds with fine drawings. These will turn the chocolate to art. Packages are being made in the factory using a historic press. This makes the packages collectors items as well.

Adam and Dustin once started as boat carpenters. In 2010 they got interested in the growing world of chocolate. The same thing that made them passionate about wood, makes them passionate about chocolate as well. They would turn a rough piece of wood into an eye catching piece of furniture. Now they turn a cocoa bean into a special bar of chocolate. A Dick Taylor's bar does not need more than a bean that carries an unique flavour and a sugar that suits it well. Adam and Dustin do not add extra cocoa butter, vanilla or emulsifiers.

Dick Taylor chocolate contains loads of flavours. Keep your bar close (just put it near the couch or on your desk) and taste a piece at different moments throughout the day. You will notice a different flavour each time.

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

4 West 4th Street
Eureka, California 95501

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