Sugar-free milk chocolate

There is a relatively new trend in the chocolate industry that combines the health benefits of a low-sugar lifestyle with the sweetness and creaminess of dairy: sugar-free milk chocolate.

Before sugar-free milk chocolate was invented, the only options available for those concerned with their sugar intake were either 100% dark chocolates, or no chocolate at all. But the demand for healthier chocolate with a low amount of sugar never stopped, and so chocolate brands (from the big manufacturers to the artisanal crafters) have found ways to deliver the same creaminess and deliciousness of regular milk chocolate without all the concerns associated with the sugar. Their main goal is to avoid making sugar-free milk chocolate feel just like a healthier option that lacks any pleasure for the senses, but to make it as palatable as the rest of the chocolates in their assortment.

Some chocolate makers opt for sugar substitutes like stevia, maltilol and erythritol. Some others try to add more flavors with the addition of vanilla and other natural flavorings. Some more bet it all on a different choice for the milk such as goat milk, camel milk and even plant-based alternatives made with soy, oat, rice or almond. Texture is also a fundamental factor to make up for the lack of sweetness. A creamy, velvety and smooth consistency is definitely a must!

Despite the innovative concept, it seems that this new trend still hasn’t taken over as much as vegan chocolate or sugar-free dark chocolate, with many small and big brands that have yet to experiment with this option. Therefore, we still wonder if sugar-free chocolate is something that chocolate lovers will soon be interested in, or it will just turn into a descendant fad.

What do you think about this trend?

Have you ever tried sugar-free milk chocolate?

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