The looks of a chocolate bar

Before you break, taste or touch, you should take one minute or two to stare at the chocolate, because it has a lot to tell you:

Appreciate the design. You might not know this, but craft chocolate makers take a long time to choose and bring to reality the specific patterns you are looking at. Therefore, take the time to explore and enjoy every detail.

Look at the shine. A good temper and a great care during the molding process will give an unbelievable shiny to chocolate bars that is worth appreciating.

Check for defects or blooms. Defects on a chocolate bar include imprecisions like fingerprints or scratches. These should not be present on the surface of your chocolate. If you notice white stuff too, that is a sign that the chocolate is not in its optimal conditions because it has bloomed. Either sugar or cocoa butter have risen to the surface.

Pinpoint the color. The color of a chocolate bar will mostly depend on the original color of the cocoa beans (unless heavy processes like alkalization or aggressive roasting are performed during the bean-to-bar making). If the cocoa beans are deep purple, the resulting chocolate will tend to be of a coffee-like color. If they are pure white, even a 100% cocoa bar will look like milk chocolate. But there are many other shades in between: red, dark-brown, chestnut, mahogany, caramel, and more.

While appearance is an important part of the tasting experience, let’s not give the look of a chocolate bar more importance than it deserves. You can’t assume the quality of a chocolate bar by looking at it, neither forecast its flavor notes based on design, shine or color. These should be part of a more in-depth, overall, final consideration.

Do you take the time to look at your chocolate before savoring it?

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