The Raaka Baking Collection is finally here!

From 71% to 100% chocolate to nibs, powder and maple-flavored chocolate, each bag is crafted from single-origin cacao (Uganda, Tanzania & Dominican Republic) to bring the enchanting flavors of craft chocolate also in your homemade pastries and desserts.

For the last 10 years, Raaka’s priority has been to craft single origin, unroasted dark chocolate bars with cacao beans that they purchase directly from farmer-owned cooperatives and grower-centered organizations, and pay transparent, stable premiums above Fair Trade and commodity prices. The focus on quality and transparency results in chocolate that’s more expensive than the average, and, given the larger quantities of chocolate that recipes often call for, there were major concerns about accessibility.

But to bake with chocolate is a luxury, something that isn’t always reflected in baking chocolates available today. Even the most simple chocolate chip cookies are special to make, share, and eat. The flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate it took to make that batch of cookies all came from somewhere. Somewhere, that sense of place, and the communities that make it possible, are worth tasting.

The Range

The range consists of three types of chocolate, a cacao powder (real powder – not alkalised!) and cacao nibs. All presented in classy stand up retail pouches.

Each bag is around 280gr, perfect to sit in your kitchen and unleash the inner pastry chef any time you want to.

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