Uncommon Cacao believes farmer prosperity is a key ingredient in good chocolate

Renowned cacao producer in the craft chocolate industry, Uncommon Cacao started its work in 2010 in Belize, building Maya Mountain Cacao to create meaningful market access for smallholder cacao farmers. After developing the country’s first centralized post-harvest facility and selling out of beans each year for four years, in 2014 Uncommon Cacao founded Cacao Verapaz in Guatemala. These companies have brought reliable new income into rural cacao-producing economies by linking smallholder farmers to the specialty cacao industry, through meaningful market access and a focus on consistently delivering quality beans to discerning chocolate makers.

In 2016, Uncommon Cacao grew further into the supply chain to drive maximum value to producer groups at origin while controlling more aspects of the quality and transparency from farm to factory.

With operations in Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda and more, the company is now one of the main suppliers of fine cacao in the craft chocolate industry. The chocolate bars made with these fine flavor beans have won several international awards in the past decade. Each origin offers a delicate journey of flavors that varies depending on the chocolate maker’s touch and preference. We always have a lot of fun tasting chocolate bars made with the exact same beans from Uncommon Cacao by different craft bean-to-bar makers from around the world. This kind of comparative tastings are our favorites!

Every year, the company also issues a Transparent Trade Cacao report, where they publish the pricing for every transaction related to a cacao purchase along the supply chain, including information about who produced it and where. This report creates accountability for all stakeholders along the supply chain around pricing and margins, enables consumers and makers to see real data, establishes new pricing benchmarks for specialty cacao that look more like long-term partnership, and shifts the power dynamic to better equip farmers to negotiate their own pricing.

What’s your favorite Uncommon Cacao origin?

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