What is mylk chocolate?

When the first vegan milk and white chocolates started to appear on the market in 2016, many experts considered it a phase. “Another trend that will soon go away”, rumors had it. But they were soon proven wrong. Chocolate made with dairy alternatives has only gotten more popular over the years, and in 2022 we can be sure: vegan milk and white chocolate is here to stay.

This new category of chocolate has also got a new name that immediately identifies it and differentiates it from the regular milk offers: “Mylk Chocolate” is the new term used to recognize the plant-based versions of milk/white chocolate.

Before mylk chocolate existed, dairy-free consumers could only indulge in the intensity of dark chocolate, a rather frustrating choice when you crave creaminess and sweetness.
To make mylk chocolate, companies can go for the popular coconut milk, which gives a nutty nuance to every creation and is a familiar and appreciated flavor by many consumers. Cashew milk is another option, for a more delicate and balanced taste that is a little salty, a little sweet, and only a little bit nutty. For a low-calorie alternative, the use of rice milk is preferred, with its subtle flavor and a lower fatty component compared to the other dairy-free options.

To be super trendy, the best choice is now oat milk. Made from the seeds of the oat plant, this dairy-free alternative is taking over in different sweet industries from drinks to ice-creams. Lacking the strong nutty flavor of coconut, while bringing the same mouth-watering creaminess, oat mylk chocolate is stealing many consumers’ hearts, and chocolate companies are totally riding the trend.
Regardless of the choice, chocolate companies usually include the dairy-free milk in powder form, since water is absolutely forbidden in chocolate and even one drop could ruin the entire batch.

Chocolate companies are now listening to the dairy-free demand more than ever. From supermarket brands to craft chocolate companies, you might have noticed many new mylk chocolate options in the assortment of your favorite brands.

Would you give it a try?

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